Pakistan’s own secure messaging app is 60 percent complete

In the wake of internet privacy and security concerns, the Ministry of IT has to work on a secure communication app that may be used for secured communication by the Prime Minister, cabinet members, and other staff in important positions. The app is now almost complete, and 60 percent of the work is done.

ARY News reports that a 60% secure message app has been completed by the IT Ministry and will deliver Prime Minister Imran Khan's progress report once finished.

The new messaging app will appear like WhatsApp for security and encryption functions, according to ARY sources, but the interface will differ.

In the light of cybersecurity risks and other worldwide users' and masses' concerns about the new Privacy Policy, the government of Pakistan has chosen to build its own message app.

It was announced in January that Pakistan is introducing its own Smart Office, WhatsApp-style Messaging App (SMA), in addition to announcing the speed of efforts to complete a Personal Information Protection Law, in June 2021.

In the recent revelation that Pegasus has been eavesdropping on a large number of well-established journalists and politicians, including Prime Minister Imran Khan and Indian National Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, the invention of such an app is even more relevant.

One of the 17 media that examined Pegasus, the Guardian describes the software as capable of extracting texts, images, and emails from its affected phones. In addition, call recording and surreptitiously activation microphones can even collect more information.

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