Paper leaks in Karaschi before the Matric Exam

The mathematical questionnaire of the secondary school certificate (SSC) Annual examination 2021 in Karachi was leaked 30 minutes before the beginning of the test, despite guarantees from educational officials to enhance the distribution method of the question papers.

The test should begin at 9:30 am on Tuesday, however the question paper might be obtained 30 minutes early at the photocopying shop. Only five minutes before the beginning of the exam the physics paper also was released. In addition, the question paper could not be presented in some examination centres.

After media maladministration claims, the Sindh government took action and convened a supervisor's examination of the secondary education board of Karachi (BSEK) which had promised Adviser Nisar Khoro of remedial action.

However, the mathematical paper's release revealed once again BSEK's and Sindh's incapacity.

Note that the chairman of the BSEK, Syed Sharaf Ali Shah, blamed CCOs for controversies and delays in delivering the papers.

During the news conference, President BSEK told the CCOs that this is no longer a task. The superintendents are already gathering documents and delivering them to the examination centres.

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