PTA Blocks TikTok in Pakistan for Illegal Content

We have established that the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority blocked the TikTok users' access to Pakistan.

The regulator said the app is blocked in Pakistan in a statement given to the media, and both the online version and the app are blocked on all Pakistani ISP's.

PTA stated in its statement, "The action was taken because the platform continued insufficient content was present and the content was not taken."

This is not the first time that the app is blocked by the regulator because, for the same reasons, previous bans on the app were issued.

However, after that, the app was permitted to take the appropriate measures to delete indecent information once the firm had verified that the regulator took it.

But, following the new development, it looks that TikTok will likely be blocked for a long time, particularly since it has not complied with local content standards, at least for the third time that the application management has.

Besides PTA, Pakistani courts have also imposed TikTok's blockades which, after company insurance, were eventually restored.

PTA thinks that obscene content, often allowed by TikTok, cannot be accepted and violates reasonable laws.

PTA wants tighter monitoring and harsh action for any content not yet in place from TikTok.

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