Punjab's CNG Association Increase Price

In Punjab also, compressed natural gas (CNG) has been made more expensive after the decision taken by the Sindh Government.

The rates increase is allegedly the outcome of the recent tax rate hike after the announcement of the financial budget for 2021-22.

The General SalesTax (GST) for liquefied natural gas (LNG) in Punjab was increased by 12%, after a CNG rise of Rs. 18 per litre, as reported by the All Pakistan Association of CNG (APCNGA).

The APCNGA has stated that CNG prices have risen from Rs. 88 to Rs. 106 per litre in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Since 22 June, gas shortages have been in place at the Sindh CNG stations (including Karachi) until they were restored on Monday.

After the budget, Sindh's price of CNG has risen by Rs 10.67 per litre, with a cost of Rs 93.33 per kilogramme at gasoline outlets in the province.

Last month, Ghiyas Paracha, APCNGA's central leader, voiced worry about the recent rise in CNG pricing and said "imposing the surcharge on the development of the gas and raising other taxes will damage the gas business. It will weaken hundreds of trillions of investment in the CNG industry and convey a negative message."

Paracha said that the government provides numerous industries with inexpensive energy to promote the export sector, offsetting the growing import cost. The Government must encourage the use of CNG and overcome the trade deficit. He added.

He stated that CNG is an environmentally beneficial fuel for cars which the government should support in its attempts to rejuden the environment in Pakistan.

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