Samsung to fix a Dual Messenger WhatsApp to share files Problem

Samsung offered his galaxy users a fantastic feature, which allows them to set up two different social networking platform profiles. While the goal and idea behind this function were really good, there was some difficulty with WhatsApp, which was troublesome for sharing. Users were very upset and therefore unable to transfer files using Dual Messenger WhatsApp thus Samsung finally announced addressing this problem.

This issue was in fact related to Dual Messenger as customers can not send files stored on their phones when it was set up. In addition, users could not open files received via WhatsApp.

This feature initially worked fine, however, the problem arose with version of WhatsApp, which was also generated for the next releases. According to Samsung, the next update would address this problem and allow users to share a WhatsApp file using Dual Messenger.

To fix a problem with file-sharing for dual messengers Samsung

Till the next update, Samsung requested that users use a shortcut to benefit from this function. Users need to open the gallery or my app of files, pick the files and share them in the second instance of WhatsApp. Users should now forward the received files to their first WhatsApp account to open them on WhatsApp. Though it looks to be normal, it actually requires a great deal of time, so I'll wait for the repair but anyone who cannot wait can make use of that function.

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