Samsung will launch its local phone production in Pakistan

There took place in Parliament, under the leadership of Senator Syed Faisal Ali Subzwari, a Meeting of the Senate Standing Committee on Production and Industry.

The committee members were informed in detail by the Secretary, Industry and Production Ministry, how the Industry and Production Division seeks to promote the country's industrial growth.

Ministry officials informed the committee members that Samsung is also prepared to enter the local market. mobile devices industry behemoth Samsung After receiving an authorisation certificate, Samsung has short-listed two local manufacturing businesses.

The parliamentary panel had been notified of a shortlisting of two firms, Kia and Ibrahim Sons.

The Secretary further informed the members of the Committee that 3% R&D is granted to local producers as an incentive to encourage mobile exports. Locally assembled/produced telephones are likewise free from 4% domestic sales withholding tax.

Walid Iqbal, Senator of the Ministry of Industry and Production, called this effort a success storey.

Every year 85% of the country's whole mobile telephones were also imported. Twenty-one new businesses (vivo, Airlink, Inovi, Telecom, OPPO) have been permitted to establish the local mobile phone sector for internal and international markets.

The committee also addressed the Ministry and its affiliated departments' future objectives and initiatives.

EVs & Purchasing Stations

The participants of the committee also discussed the EVP policy in depth. The energy usage of electric vehicles was addressed by SenatorFaisal Saleem Rehman. It was notified to the committee that there is adequate energy capability. A detailed report and study of charging stations and energy usage by electric cars were requested by the Chairman Committee.

The chairman committee stated that diverse divisions have to work together for such development efforts in a friendly atmosphere. The Committee was also informed that Cabinet EV policy is for four, HCV, and 2 and 3 wheels. The EV policy authorised by cabinet.

For manufacture 9 2 and 3 wheel types were allowed.

The committee also received detailed information on the Auto Development Policy. The committee has learned that 21 new investors, 10 per cent of which are customs duties on non-localized goods and 25 percent localised parts, have received Greenfield customs duties in a five-year period. The anticipated policy investment was over 1 billion dollars, of which 504 million dollars were already invested.

The car industry has increased its overall capacity from 358,000 units in 2016 to 470,000 units in 2021.

The participants also highlighted the question of 'own money' in automobile sales. Ministerial authorities discussed the fact that own money largely benefits dealers only with supply and demand.

The ministry authorities notified the booking and registration process of automobile sales that a fundamental reform was implemented and that an extra WHT of Rs 50 000 was imposed for powertrains up to 1 000cc, Rs 100 000 up to 2000cc and Rs 200 000 up to 2000cc. This measure was implemented as a dissuasion for 'Own Money' practise.

In addressing the SME policy, Senator Fida Muhammad addressed the issue of the Ministry of Industry and Manufacturing's responsibility in the sector of farming. "Pakistan is an agricultural state and I see no agricultural development strategy," he said.

The ministry authorities answered Senator Fida Muhammad's inquiry

However, ministry of manufacturing authorities of industry and production have told that 90 percent parts of tractors have been produced locally. They are also responsible for the ministry of food safety and research. And the duty rate is reduced in 2 years by 20 percent if a new tractor model is introduced by an industry
The Committee learned that Rs 60 trillion for the National SME Action Plan has been awarded over a 3-year period. It also has announced simplified tax regime for small- and medium-sized businesses, of 0,25% of gross sales where annual sales do not exceed 100 million rupees and of 0,5% of gross turnover where annual sales surpass 100 million rupees, but do not exceed 250 million rupees.

A thorough debate was held on the financial performance of the Utility Stores Corporation. The ministry's staff informed the committee that 4,000 utility shops and 900 franchisees exist throughout the country. The Minister has told that we are trying, under the franchise system in the near future, to duplicate this amount by 9,000.

In addition, sales in the USC from 10 trillion in 2019 to 114 trillion rupees in 2021 were significantly increased.

The CEO of Pakistan Industrial Development Corporation has informed a committee in full (PIDC). The committee was informed that 35% of the fruit was devoured by animals, which led to the completion of SMEDA's model Fruit Dehydration Unit (FDU) project in Swat. This project has a total cost of Rupees 59.9 million.

The conference was attended by Walid Iqbal, the senators of Fida Muhammad and Saleem Rehman, the senior officials of the Ministry of Industries and Production, Saifuallah Sarwar Khan Nyazee, Hidayat Ullah and the Senator Imamuddin Shouqeen.

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