SECP ensures that one window facility women entrepreneurs are established

Pakistan's Securities and Exchange Commission (SECP) has announced it will establish an entrepreneurs' single window facility.

On Thursday, a statement from SECP's alternative registrar, Syed Iftikhar ul Hassan Naqvi, and Fauzia Rashid, Woman registrar, indicated that they would explore the SECP' s one-window service for women entrepreneurs.

The SECP promised the corporate community of taking efforts to remove barriers to the registration of companies and other duties for women in business.

In the meeting of the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) Women Entrepreneurs Standing Committee, obstacles in the registration of companies were also considered.

In answer to the questions made by the FPCCI officials, Naqvi said that the period of registration of the business is being decreased and that the firm would be registered within four hours when the procedural simplification has taken place.

After the meeting, the SECP released a statement saying, "If a firm illegally imitates a brand or uses another trademark, an urgent petition and quick action must be filed against the logo."

Speaking on this occasion, Nazli Abid Nisar, the Standing Committee of the FPCCI Women Entrepreneurs, urged for women's entrepreneurship and equitable business possibilities to be promoted.

She added, "Laws should be drawn up to safeguard women entrepreneur companies" and demands that the harassment of women in offices be prevented. She also demanded that women are protected from cybercrime and that all barriers to fast operations be removed.

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