Sindh Govt Issues New Coronavirus SOPs

Following a decline in the number of cases in the province, the Sindh government issued improved COVID-19 SOPs.

According to a notice by the province government, Sindh is permitted to maintain open all commercial activities, establishments and marketplaces until PM 10, and bakeries and dairy shops can stay open until 12 AM.

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Eating indoors and outdoors is permissible until 12 AM, however, the indoor dining facilities can only be used by vaccinated persons with 50 percent occupancy. In addition, seven days a week, takeaway, drive-through, and delivery services will be open.

With a minimum distance of three feet, all forms of outdoor marriage functions are permitted, with a maximum of 400 persons and only 200 vaccinated participants.

Shrines will remain open under strict COVID-19 SOP compliance.

Theatre and cinemas may remain open for vaccinated individuals only until 1 a.m., and indoor gyms are only available to inoculated individuals.

Fun parks, swimming pools and arcades with a 50 per cent occupancy are now opened and 70 per cent occupancy allowed for public transport.

Offices with 100% attendance are allowed to continue their operations.

Sunday in Karachi has meanwhile been marked as a "safe day," while the other divisions decide on safe days on their own.

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