Sindh High Court Lifts Ban from TikTok

Now that the telecoms regulator provided the high court guarantee to render a decision on the petitioner's request by Monday, Sindh High Court lifted the ban on TikTok. Just a few days ago, for immoral and obscene content, TikTok was banned for the third time in one year.

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However, in breach of Community standards, TikTok guaranteed the expansion yesterday of its ability for moderation in the local language, to undertake stringent content action. It also ensured cooperation with regulators which today overturned the ban by the Sindh High Court.

According to the social media platform,

The creativity and the passion of its community "made households in Pakistan happy and gave home to unbelievably talented creators. We have developed our ability for Pakistan to moderate locally and work diligently to evaluate and to act on anything in violation of our standards for the community. We continue working with regulators to serve the millions of TikTok users and designers who have found a home for creativity, fun and important economic prospects in Pakistan.

TikTok deleted more than six million videos from the app in Pakistan on Wednesday according to the transparency report over three months. According to this report, "TikTok deleted 6,495,992 videos on the Pakistani market, making it the second-largest market in the United States to remove the most video following 8,540,088 videos."

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