Sinopharm Vaccine Provides Immunity Against COVID-19 For 9 Months

Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA) has disclosed the nine months of the Sinopharm jab's immunity against the coronavirus, as well as how often people require a booster dosage to take.

"The vaccination for Sinopharm provides immunity for 9 months and is regarded a booster injection in the taking of Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine," she tweeted.

SEHA reported on the need for one or two doses for the Pfizer booster: 'The Pfizer booster dose for people who were previously vaccinated with Sinopharm is just one shot.'

Individuals can either choose for a Sinopharm dosage or Pfizer booster dose following a medical assessment according to the Abu Dhabi Public Health Center (ADPHC).

"To individuals who have completed six months after their second dose of Sinopharm is offered the [Booster dose]. After medical assessment, individuals may opt to get either Sinopharm vaccination or Pfizer-BioNTech as a booster."

"The booster dosage helps to improve immune response so that people are less likely to get infected, complicated and hospitalised. We are now working on the periodical use of COVID-19 booster dosage based on up-to-date, scientifically sound data with other health agencies," stated the ADPHC in replying to a question as to whether patients should be taking a booster dose every six months.

It further noted that the Sinopharm vaccination dosages "had no differences. Every dose is administered with the same dosing volume."

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