Standard Chartered Pakistan Implement Euronet Payments Platform for  ATMs and cards

Standard Chartered Bank developed a state-of-the-art payment platform for Euronet which would support both its large card management programme and national ATMs and CDMs. It will be the key processor for direct transaction processing and customer integration in your innovative digital customer-centered programme.

The solution includes the management of issuance and acquisition programmes, integration with the fraud and AML monitoring systems for all payment methods.

Implementation in line with the latest security standards with dynamic key management, improved e-Commerce transaction safety controls, multi-factor authentication, and TLS 1.2 which is a first for VISA and MasterCard in Pakistan, and is spread through all internal Standard Chartered Systems and International Payment Scheme gateways.

Standard Chartered will also become the first organisation in Pakistan to accept DCC transactions on its ATMs and process them.

Euronet Chief Executive Officer Kashif Gaya said: 'We are delighted to have partnered as a Valued Customer with Standard Chartered Pakistan. Pakistan has moved on to the Euronet platform as the 12th standard chartered country. We firmly think that our Strategic Partnership with Standard Chartered throughout the world is a sign of our vision and depth in our vast range of products, guaranteeing multidimensional financial institutions a guaranteed uptime and processing efficiency."

"We are well positioned to continue driving Pakistan's inclusion of payments through the digital innovations that we continue to implement with standard chartered services in Pakistan, and through a rich history of innovation with diversified products, coupled with our internationally benchmarked security infrastructure setting," he said.

"The partnership with Euronet Pakistan is a strategic global alliance that allows us to extend our products and to improve the country's digital footprint at a much faster pace," said Syed Mujtaba Abbas (Managing Director and Chief Consumer, Private and Business Officer at the Bank Standard Chartered Bank Pakistan). This cooperation has kept our customers central and enhanced our drive to consolidate our leadership in the digital banking industry."."

"At the same time, to consolidate the much-needed platform, enhance the efficiency, volume and introduce customer-centric solutions in our transaction processing. We think that this collaboration would be advantageous to both institutions in the years to come with the accelerated technological and business solutions in accordance with the current safety requirements and will further enhance the leadership of Standard Chartered in the payment industry."

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