Students Demand Cancel the Exams with Record Number of Tweets

The hashtag 'Imran Khan Students Ke Sun Lo' was created in just one day, in which more than 1,000,000 tweets of students demanded cancelling of individual examinations. This is a record amount of tweets produced in a day on Saturday that placed demand among the most popular Twitter trends.

However, for face-to-face exams that will take place after 11 July, the Federal and Punjab boards have already published their exam date sheets and roll-number slips. The boards have notified all regular candidates about the number of their rolling papers received from their colleges, whilst private applicants receive the papers via mail.

The offical speaker on the RBISE Board of Rawalpindi, Arsalan Cheema, said that all the applicants were handed date sheets and slips for the in-person test.

Irritated over this change, for days, students protested. The two cities stopped the main highways and also raged on Twitter calling for Prime Minister Imran Khan to cancel the individual tests. They also called for Prime Minister Imran Khan.

They felt that their tests should be carried out online, given they had attended online classes throughout the academic year.

"We had to figure out all of it by ourselves from that footage. Students in the following classes are promoted worldwide, but our Government is demanding physical examinations here in the country," they bemoaned.

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