Tax Withdraw on calls longer than 5 minutes IT Minister

On Thursday, Federal Minister for IT and Telecommunications Syed Amin Ul Haque announced that some members of the cabinet of Premier Imran Khan opposed the 75 paisan mobile call fee that exceeds five minutes and has pledged to remove the levy.

He stated this during a contract ceremony for the delivery of high speed mobile broadband services in Southern Punjab's Multan and Khanewal districts between the United States Federal Universal Service Fund and Jazz.

The Minister informed the telecommunications industry he works to overturn the Voice Call Tax since it also affects ordinary people and industry.

"At the cabinet meeting on 11 June 2021, the IT and Telecommunications Ministry publicly opposed the presentation of the slide containing the proposed tax on mobile calls and data. The Department was publicly backed by Foreign Secretary Shah Mahmood Qureshi, Special Assistant Sania Nishtar for Poverty Education and Federal Minister for Energy, Hammad Azhar. He said that he reported it and withdrew it to the Finance Division.'

He responded, "Sorry, Finance Minister Shaukar Tarin imposed 75 paaisa tax on calls over 5 minutes, speaking in the Senate of Pakistan on June 25, 2012. I disagreed in principle. I had the guts to tell this and I spoke to the Prime Minister about the situation. The Minister stated that we would debate this and strive to withdraw this tax," adding that they are with the telecom sector on this issue on the same page.

The Minister for Finance, Shaukat Tareen, announced that no web and SMS tax will be available during wind-up budget address 2021-2022, but 75 paisas would be paid on more than five minute mobile telephones.

The Government declared initially that federal calls exceeding three minutes each call for Rs 1 excise, SMS 0.1 per SMS, and Internet data use at Rs 5 per GB are planned in order to generate appropriate revenues from this industry.

However, the Energy Minister, Hammad Azhar, has expressed serious concern that the federal excise charge on the internet data was "not approved" by Premier Khan and the cabinet. He ensured that the duty would not be taken into account for approval in the final version of the Finance Bill submitted to Parliament.

Approximately Rs. 20-30 billion are generated by the government's decision to charge a further 75 paisan tax after 5 minutes on moving.

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