Telegram Adds Video Calls for 1000 Users, Screen Share and More

Telegram has announced that new updates to its popular messaging software for Android and iOS are on the way. One of the major updates is “Group Video Calls 2.0,” which allows up to 30 individuals to broadcast their cameras and up to 1000 spectators to join in on the fun.

Telegram teases that this limit will be increased until "all humans on Earth can join one group call."

Video messages are being updated. This only pertains to the small circular video messages you may send by holding the camera button next to the text field. These video messages will now be of higher definition and will be able to be expanded and paused.

Voice messages can now be recorded without conflicting with the audio in the background.

Video files sent via Telegram can be slowed down or sped up to 0.5X, 1.5X, or 2.0X speeds. Android phones will also be capable of running at 0.2X speeds.

You may share your screen with audio during one-on-one video chats. There is also a one-month auto-delete interval that can remove your messages.

There are a couple of small changes. You may now draw more precisely on images using the Telegram editor, there are more animations on the passcode screen, messages sent to a chat will animate in a new way, a password reset option has been added to assist you in regaining a password, and new animated emojis have been added.

The iOS app will be integrated with the iOS camera app to expand the Telegram camera's functionality.

These features will be available in the coming weeks.

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