That's when Eidul Azha is expected in Pakistan

Professor Javed Iqbal, Director of the Institute of Space Science and Technology, Karachi University, projected that Eidul Azha will be in Pakistan on Wednesday, 21 June.

He claimed that tonight evening (10 July) there are small opportunities for viewing the Zilhaj Crescent, adding that because the new moon of Zilhaj 1442 AH is 13 hours old at the sunset, the eye cannot see.

On 11 July, the moon will be plainly visible to the naked eye and hence Eidul Azha is most likely to happen on 21 July.

The Committee, which includes the members of the Met Department, Suparco, the Navy and the Minutes of Religious Affairs, will meet today to observe the Zilhaj moon, presided over by Mulan Abdul Khabeer Azad.

Similar meetings are also being held in respective areas today by the zonal Ruet-e-Hilal committees.

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