The 7th International Environment, Health & Safety Awards of 2021 are held by Telenor Pakistan.

For their efforts to develop a secure and ecologically sustainable supplies chain, Telenor Pakistan received a prestigious 7th International Awards in Environment, Health & Security 2021 for the category "Responsible Supply Chain Sustainability."

The jury, the board of The Professionals Network, and the ethics business update have unanimously picked this firm as its award recipient.

In its day-to-day activities, Telenor Pakistan claims to meet the highest standards for health, safety and the environment (HSE). In the context of HSE for its employees and supply chain, the company benchmarks worldwide standards, global agreements and national legislation.

The Telenor Group includes the provision of safe, healthy and highly efficient working conditions to Telenor Pakistan's workforce and the reduction of risks and dangers. Ensuring responsible corporate behaviour, via effective environmental management across the supply chain, the firm prevents and cuts undesirable environmental effects.

CEO Telenor Pakistan, Kamal Ahmed, declared, "At Telenor Pakistan, it is extremely important to us to ensure the health and safety of everyone - it is in our DNA. Health and safety are indeed so important to us that we extend our emphasis to our partners outside our corporate borders.

"We are thankful for recognising Telenor Pakistan's Sustainability Responsible Supply Chain Award to The Network of Professionals and Ethical Business Update. That acknowledgement would further strengthen our commitment to safeguard and guarantee security and well-being."

"We will continue to be driven by our aim to ensure a sustainable and responsible company. This price reflects our commitment to sustainable growth by increasing the standards of safety for our employees throughout the company and supply chain," stated Kamal.

Over the years Telenor Pakistan has achieved significant progress in complying with HSE by stringent undertakings and enabling them to implement, implement procedures, establish business partnerships and build capability.

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