The Chairman of the Karachi Board announces the physics paper

President of the Secondary education Board Karachi (BSEK), Syed Sharaf Ali Shah, declared that he should retake the students' physics paper yesterday who were unable to try them.

Tenth-class tests across Sindh have begun. However, the Physics question paper could not be reached by several places yesterday because to anomalies and bad administration.

The chairman of the matric board commented on this development and declared that he would again examine for those students who were unable to try a physics examination as a result of mismanagement. This irregularity led to suspected central control officers (CCOs) under this irregularity.

The President indicated that the students who yesterday were unable to take this paper will be admitted for the review. After the remaining matriculation examinations, the new date of the examination will be published.

It should be mentioned that the test papers were not collected in many schools because of anomalies, while question papers came late at other institutions. The board had given students two more hours to finish their examinations at the time the test began late.

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