The Debt Stock of pakistan Increased by 12 percent between June 2020 to May 2021

Pakistan's overall debt (domestic and external) holdings at the end of May 2021 reached 37.99 trillion Rs, compared to 35.107 trillion by the end of June 2020. (SBP).

The SBP stated that this is an increase of eight% (Rs. 2,89 trillion). This is mainly a result of significant fiscal imbalances recorded in the first eleven months of the past financial year (FY21).

Home debt, which grew by 12 percent from Rs 23,282 trillion in June 2020 to Rs. 26,065 trillion in May 2021, was the biggest contribution to this growth in 2010. In the last eleven months of the financial year, this showed a rise of Rs 2.783 trillion.

The increase in debt servicing can be further explained by the fact that, once held by residents as part of their external debt liability, they have been classified since 8 June as domestical debt, their foreign exchange holder certificates, foreign currency holder certificates, dollar holder certificates and special US dollar bonds.

The remaining Rs. 6,66 trillion comprises the shorter-term debt of the total domestic debt, Rs. 19,738 trillion.

Federal foreign debt also went up from Rs. 11.825 trillion in June 2020 by 1 percent to Rs. 11.932 trillion in May 2021.

The SBP has developed that the overall stocks of the domestic debt comprise debt, unfunded debt and floating debt.

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