The Highest Case Number in Australia First 2021 Covid-19 Death

On Sunday, Australia announced its first fatality from coronavirus, and a record 77 cases of the New South Wales virus in 2021, facing a high-infection Delta type epidemic.

State Prime Minister Gladys Berejiklian stated that the number of people in and around Sydney, the country's largest metropolis, is likely to increase in three weeks' time.

Berejiklian told a television briefing: "I anticipate that the numbers in New South Wales will reach more than 100 tomorrow. "When less, I'm going to be astonished.

The previous record in 2021 was 50 instances on Saturday. This leads to 566 cases in the latest epidemic.

Of the cases of Sunday, 33 were persons who spent some time in the community while being contagious and there are deeper worries that more than 5 million people will be locked down in Sydney and the environs.

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