The trade in medical supplies in Dubai Pharmaceuticals increased 31 Percent

In the same time of 2020, the Dubai foreign trade in pharmaceuticals and medical supplies amounted to Dh6,8 billion in Q1, 2021 with 31 per cent rise over Dh5.2 billion.

Dh5.3 billion were imported, Dh590 million exported, and Dh1.4 billion were exported and re-exported. As regards volume, in the first 3 months of 2020 and 2021, Dubai's trade in pharmaceuticals and medicinal supplies rose 47%, from 33,000 tonnes to 48,600 tonnes.

Dubai's Customs has committed itself, after meeting the health and security demands of the Ministry of Health and Prevention, to streamline border clearance for medical supply to ensure that it quickly reaches local, regional, and world marketplaces without delay, which guarantees that these vital products will achieve high quality and efficiency levels.

"The Customs of Dubai has sought to meet the increasing demand for pharmaceuticals and medical supplies in view of the present situation in Covid-19, making more effort to ensure that these strategic goods are rapidly inspected, clear and released so as to meet the needs of the community and maintain product availability in the market,' said Nassim Al-Mehairi, Dubai Customs' statistics manager.

She said, owing to the sophisticated logistical infrastructure of the sector the recent data issued by Dubai Customs demonstrate the crucial role that Dubai was playing as an international centre for the trade in pharmaceutical and medical products.

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