TikTok removed over 6 million Pakistani clips in three months

Recent reports revealed that Pakistan has been the second-largest country to break the company community standards on social media sharing, known as TikTok, in the quarter. More than 6 million videos, which violated the respective guidelines, were thus removed.

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This is no surprise as lately since TikTok users promoted immoral content, the Sindh High Court ordered a national ban on the platform. In fact, over 61,95 million films were removed globally during the period January to March 2021, less than 1 per cent of the total videos on the platform, According to the report of TikTok.

However, more than 6,49 million videos have been deleted in the Pakistan area, while the greatest number of movies taken from the site is 8,54 million from the U.S since adult nudity is included in the videos.

The Head of Asia Pacific Region of TikTok for product policy, trust and safety stated, according to Jamin Tan stated:

"Within 24 hours of being uploaded to TikTok, the videos were removed 79.6pc, before they are being reported, 88.4pc having no views. TikTok analyses the video a second time after receiving an appeal and re-establishes it if it is mistakenly removed."

TikTok has worked with public health experts to assist the Community in remaining safe and to notify the community about the latest COVID-19 updates, despite concerns and violations of the guidelines.

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