Twitter brings physical security key as your only 2FA method

With the development of the world of technology every day, security problems also come to light from time to time. With this in mind, Twitter is increasing your account security with the introduction of new physical security keys on the famous Social Media platform. It provides the two-factor technique for authenticating your Twitter account.

This means that users can now use security keys without the necessary backup authentication. This allows customers to retain their mobile number privately and the platform no longer needs an OTP or SMS verification.

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I want to explain what a security key is before I move forward. It's just a tiny, USB-like hardware device. Security keys operate like physical keys, but for online accounts of users. They guarantee greater security and are protected, which even when used on phishing websites protects your information safe.

Twitter Support said in a tweet,

A security key provides additional security from phishing activities by moving protection to a hardware device.

In 2018, Twitter users began to use a security key as two-factor authentication. It was only available to PC users at that time. However, when the prevalence of the smartphone rose, it was also made possible for Twitter's IOS and Android mobile applications. The current development allows users to register many security keys for a secure Twitter account.

The security keys also have an interesting feature that allows legitimate sites to be separated from phishing sites and block hacking attempting not to do with SMS or OTP codes.

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