Twitter Shuts Down Fleets, its version of Stories

The first to come up with the idea of the stories was Snapchat. Because of its success, it has been copied by all other social media applications, including Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Each app is now designed for these features, though. Twitter cannot impress its users, for example, and must finally give up its fleets, which are a kind of story.

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Many individuals don't even know what fleets are in my circle. These are in fact the version of stories from Twitter. However, as not every feature is appropriate for all platforms, Twitter cannot succeed, because most people are not interested in these features.

Since Twitter was unable to impress users by using its fleet feature, it has announced that on August 3 tweets will die forever. However, the company says it didn't waste its time with this feature but learned a lot from it and will use it for future features.

"We will use the learning of Fleet to create new methods to participate in the conversation and discuss what is going on in their world"

In addition, the firm is also researching why Twitter is not attended by individuals. Some of the features of the Fleets have been shifted to other sections of the platform to provide consumers with a better experience. These features include a full-screen camera, text and GIF stickers options, now included in the Twitter composer.

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