Two-year programmes Continue at the University of Karachi

The Karachi University (KU) decided, based on an agreement by its Academic Council on Thursday, to continue with its two-year programmes.

The agreement to consider the two years associate degree programme suggested by a high school committee was reached during an important Council meeting led by KU's Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr. Khalid Mahmood Iraqi (HEC).

The Council also established a committee to phase down its two-year BS and four-year BS programmes.

Prof. Anila Amber Malik, Dr Intikhab Ulfat, Dr. Samina Saeed, Professor Dr. Maqsood Ali Ansari, Prof. Dr. Taseer Ahmed Khan, and Dr. Nadeem Mahmood were members.

Last year, the HEC requested the abolition of its two-year BA/BSc graduates by all public and private institutions and their associated institutes. However, KU determined, a few months earlier, that students would continue to study for two years in BA/BSc.

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