Unvaccinated people need to be aware of the Delta Variant, according to Asad Umar.

Several local investigations have indicated that unvaccinated individuals are 7 times more likely to capture the Coronavirus Delta version from the Indian region, as disclosed by Asad Umar, Federal Planning Minister.

Umar, also head of the NCOC, spoke at a news conference and claimed that there were devastations caused by the Delta strain throughout the region. Now Pakistan risks spreading quickly in the country.

He stated that there were also some cases in which vaccinated patients tested the Delta variation positively, although their symptoms were minimal.

He asked the people to observe SOPs such as face mask wear and prevent crowded places and be vaccinated from their closest Mass Vaccination Centers for COVID-19 as soon as possible (MVCs).

Since Monday, the minister said more than 0.5 million citizens have been vaccinated each day, adding that in the following weeks, NCOC is expecting that number to reach 1 million.

Since the start of the February vaccination campaign, a total of 22.2 million doses have taken place, including 17.8 million first doses and 4.4 million second doses for various COVID-19 vaccines.

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