WhatsApp Introduces 'View Once' Feature for Photos and Videos on Android

WhatsApp launches new features, the sole reason this platform will never become old. In November, the messaging app started the messages. This feature automatically deletes messages including text, pictures and videos after 7 days. It was long and users require this feature to be updated and improved to a few hours. Finally, the company listened to the demands using the WhatsApp View feature after messages had entered the testing phase.

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As its name indicates, only images/videos may be seen by the recipient once. The recipient will automatically disappear once it has completed viewing photos/videos. Even no previews of such messages.

Both individual or group chat messages encrypted once can be sent. Like texts that disappear, this feature must be activated. Tap circle 1 in the text field as shown below, which allows you to activate this feature.

WhatsApp Introduces 'View Once' Feature for Photos and Videos on Android

It works best even if the recipient app does not support the feature yet. At now, as part of the test, it supports a single message sending only the beta version of Android apps (

The main and only issue with this feature is that it does not save users from screenshotting and screen recording, because this does not serve the real purpose it is intended for. Although WhatsApp is trying to copy Snapchat in respect of this new feature, it will not inform you when a screenshot is taken. It should also be done by the company.

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