WhatsApp Multi-Device Available Now in Public Beta

The largest feature of WhatsApp to date will come shortly. Finally. Facebook has introduced the long-awaited multi-devices login functionality of WhatsApp with a restricted public beta and you may sign up on the FAQ page of WhatsApp.

This works only on the newest WhatsApp version on Android or iOS. It's also confined to few marketplaces thus it can't operate till later in Pakistan.

This is one of the major WhatsApp upgrades because the programme is confined to your phone's Internet connection. You now require a solid internet connection on your phone if you wish to log into your account on other devices.

Upon this upgrade, WhatsApp allows you, even if your phone has no internet, to sign up for a maximum of 4 non-phone devices. Each device will synchronise your account data and keep the same privacy and security levels using end-to-end encryption separately (E2EE). E2EE is used even if your data is updated between devices.

This was a complex feature since WhatsApp needed the whole of its architecture to be rethought. This is part of why we had to introduce it so long, but we are pleased that it will eventually come.

As it's already in public beta, a stable update should not be released long before it is released globally.

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