WHO Urges Countries ‘not To Lose Gains’ By Prematurely Lifting Covid-19 Measures

On Wednesday, Michael Ryan, Head of the World Health Organisation, advised governments to exert the utmost prudence while eliminating COVID-19 limitations in order to 'not lose your profits.'

Ryan's remarks came from England, where the European football tournament is held, which prepares to eliminate many limitations on COVID-19 on 19 July, the European nations facilitate travel constraints, Indian countries loosen their locks, despite the Delta variant accelerating globally.

Ryan added that while each nation must chose for itself, everybody, even the non-vaccinated, must take responsibility for protecting themselves and others and preventing further waves of pandemic in hospitals.

"The concept that everybody is protected, and everything is Kumbaya, and it all goes back to normal, is a very hazardous assumption nowadays in the entire globe, and in the European context it's still a dangerous assumption," he said at a Geneva conference of media.

"At this point we would call upon governments not to forfeit their advantages."

In anticipation of the reopening, the epidemiological situation can be helped by summer and school vacations. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson stated.

Ryan stated he thought that British scientists were "extremely aware of and carefully opened the threat represented by variations, notably the Delta variety."

The WHO also advised those nations including the US and Switzerland that vaccinate 12- to 15-year-olds to give doses instead to COVAX, in order to enhance health professionals and seniors' access in low-income countries.

The WHO vaccination specialist, Ann Lindstrand, said "It's not the paediatric group that suffers the most." "They're the grownups, they're the groups with health risks."

John Miller in Zurich and Manas Mishra in Bengaluru, Nick Tattersall and Michael Shields

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