Windows 11 Will Kill The Infamous Blue Screen of Death

In Window 11, the start menu isn't the only visual update. It turns out that, under Windows 11, Microsoft has changed the blue death screen of Windows 10 to black.

A new report from The Verge reveals the black death screens of Windows 11. This is the first major adjustment to the Windows interface after Microsoft added QR codes to the operating system in 2016.

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In total, the fatal error screen appears unlike the change in colour previously.

The black death screen in Windows 11 has not yet been enabled by Microsoft, mainly as the OS is still in the preview and builds Insider that usually features death screens. A Gizmodo report shows how you can use the Windows 11 registry to enable black screen death, although this is not worthwhile because of how nobody wants it.

There's no clear reason why Microsoft changes the Blue Death Screen colour. The Verge says that this might be because other sections of the Windows interface are being changed to give it a more modern look.

Also worth mentioning is that in the final release in October, the UI might appear different.

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