YouTube Expands Clipping Features Including Sub only Chats and Polls

We have observed recently that the famous YouTube video platform takes Twitch in the Livestream viewers competition. The new features released today on Youtube's platform are evident. After the latest update, streamers may now limit their talks solely to subscribers and create polls in their chats. Furthermore, streamers and their viewers are now able to make videos via popular gaming streams.

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The above features are currently available on the Twitch video platform and are all essential tools that enable streamers to connect with their community. Furthermore, chats limited to subscribers can only help by expelling random people as a moderating tool, and streamers have another option to urge their viewers to begin paying for the content watching

Now go on to another major update, the polls. They are vital to engaging in the sometimes chaotic chat rooms, so that streamers may ask for views for their future course of action.

In addition, clips are also an important tool for content discovery. As of now, most people don't watch long live streams. Here the clipping tool of Twitch is at stake and allows fans to see the highlights that might assist to draw new people into a streamer. On the other hand, YouTube is still limited to games developers with over 1,000 followers. However, this feature will eventually be launched by the firm. Clips were in beta-phases, with a small number of makers up to now, similar to chat features.

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