YouTube Music tests an 'In Library' search feature

The "In Library" search filter for YouTube Music is being tested in Google. A Reddit user names PeepAndCreep makes this revelation. In the mobile and web variants of YouTube Music, this filter may be used for searching in the 'In Library.' All users will type their search and the library will then be searched by YouTUbe Music and results will be shown. Only the items saved in your music streaming library will display results.

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PeepAndCreep also finds that the user is directed to this artist's "In My Library" page after clicking the artist's icon from the search results.

In addition, if the user hits the resulting album, the user is referred to the YouTube Music page of the album even if a few songs from the album have been saved in the library.

The filter will not show music, videos or other things in your playlist search. The filter does not show. Moreover, even if you access the editing round, the playlist you do not have and the one that has been created as a collaboration that you do not start does not appear in the search filter.

This is an A/B test where the main Youtube Music account of the leakster is showing features, but not his brand account. This feature seems not to be work while it is offline.

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