Youtube shorts, a copy of TikTok starts rolling out in more than 100 countries

The company's short video app YouTube Shorts and an obvious opponent to TikTok is now worldwide available. According to YouTube, the application will be available in "more than 100 countries," which includes all nations that have the video platform.

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YouTube Shorts is the most popular short-form video format on TikTok, but Google Services promotes the connection between Shorts and the rest of the YouTube ecosystem as a major selling factor. The company now states they are exploring methods to offer rapid connections from short films to YouTube from which they have gathered samples.

In September 2020, the new application started out with 15-second videos, the time limit of which was similar to TikTok, but TikTok increased the video duration to one minute and three minutes afterwards.

Additional tools that are available on both iOS and Android include the ability, speed settings, a timer, and a countdown to help artists capture the right moment. Video clips may also be combined in one. Inserted automatically subtitles, importing clips to the Shorts cameras from the phone's gallery, and filters and effects may all be applied soon.

TikTok works with forms that are more like what is known on YouTube. It recently expanded the video time to three minutes for all users and started implementing apps for television platforms like Android TV and Fire TV.

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