Zong Become Official Network Sponsers for PUBG Mobile National Championship Pakistan

The PUBG Mobile National and Campus Championships Pakistan 2021 has made Zong 4G, Pakistan's top supplier of both digital and cellular services, the sole connection partner. PMPL spots and prize fund compete for the best players and teams in the country.

The action enhanced Zong's tagline 'Let's Get Digital,' strengthening its reputation as chosen digitally knowledgeable connection partner. By providing them with solid platforms for building interaction and safe enjoyment, the firm is devoted to empower the young people of Pakistan.

The PUBG Mobile National Championship Pakistan 2021 will be our exclusive partners, Zong's official spokesman stated, "We are pleased to be the only one. "Zong is perhaps Pakistan's best gaming network."

"This cooperation reflects our continuous focus on the objective 'Let's Get Digital' and on our efforts to create new possibilities and platforms for young users. These chances would enable young people to enjoy their hobbies and display their talents nationally and internationally," he added.

"PUBG Mobile is Pakistan's most appreciated and most preferred gaming brand, stated Khawar Naeem, Country representative for PUBG Mobile. We at PUBG Mobile work with partners who share in our goal to create the local eco-sports ecosystem. With PUBG Mobile driving to growth through national competitive events, Pakistan has great potential in e-sports."

"We are working closely with our local influencers and the communities and focus on localising this game. We already have local integrations with their feedback, such as voicepackages introduced lately in Urdu and Punjabi. In the future we will provide further features to locate the game with help from Zong 4G."

PUBG Mobile leads the local playground and provides e-sports participants in Pakistan with chances. Zong's sponsorship of the national and campus championships not only will ensure that the gaming community remains active, but will also increase the international gaming exposure of Pakistan.

In order to achieve its "let's get digital" aim, Zong has adopted several creative and industry-leading initiatives. Zong 4G is leading the eGaming and digital agenda in Pakistan with the goal of making digital innovation a reality and making sure that Pakistan's dream comes true.

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