Etisalat UAE Internet Packages

Etisalat UAE Internet Packages: The different types of Etisalat internet packages in the UAE are listed below. These tables help you quickly select the best Etisalat data plans for your need.

Etisalat Prepaid Daily Data Plans

Etisalat UAE Daily Internet Packages are provided here, which is only intended for prepaid users of Etisalat UAE.

PriceData per DayTotal DataValidity
AED 2.575 MB75 MB1 Day
AED 4.2150 MB150 MB1 Day
AED 8250 MB250 MB1 Day
AED 15500 MB500 MB1 Day
AED 301 GB1 GB1 Day
AED 1575 MB525 MB7 Days
AED 25150 MB1.05 GB7 Days
AED 40250 MB1.75 GB7 Days
AED 60500 MB3.5 GB7 Days
AED 1001 GB7 GB7 Days
AED 4275 MB2.1 GB28 Days
AED 63150 MB4.2 GB28 Days
AED 90250 MB7 GB28 Days
AED 130500 MB14 GB28 Days
AED 2001 GB28 GB28 Days

  • Dial *101# to Subscribe to Etisalat Packages
  • Data permits are credited every day and are reset at midnight

Etisalat Prepaid Wasel Data Plans

Etisalat UAE Daily Internet Packages with Social Media pans are provided here, which is only intended for prepaid users of Etisalat UAE.

PriceDataSocial DataValidityActivation SMS Code 
AED 260 MB-1 DayDP2 to 1012
AED 4150 MB-1 DayDP4 to 1012
AED 5100 MB-1 DaySD to 1010
AED 10250 MB-1 DayD250M to 1010
AED 20300 MB-7 DaysW300M to 1010
AED 30250 MB250 MB1 Month250M to 1010
AED 501 GB-7 DaysW1G to 1010
AED 1001 GB1 GB1 Month1G to 1010
AED 1503 GB2 GB1 MonthM3G to 1010
AED 2005 GB3 GB1 MonthM5G to 1010
AED 2507 GB4 GB1 MonthM7G to 1010
AED 30010 GB5 GB1 MonthM10G to 1010
AED 45020 GB10 GB1 MonthM20G to 1010
AED 50025 GB15 GB1 Month25G to 1010

  • Social Data: Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Twitter, BOTIM, LinkedIn, WeChat, Instagram
  • You can also dial *170# to activate this Package.
  • Dial *170*1# to check the usage of the Etisalat Internet Plan.

Etisalat Prepaid Sim Plans

PriceDataFlexi MinutesValidity
AED 10.50400 MB15 min1 week
AED 26.25750 MB40 min1 week
AED 52.52 GB100 min1 week
AED 78.753.5 GB175 min1 week

  • Dial *121# to check Balance.
  • Dial *101# for Etisalat prepaid plans and promotions.
  • Dial *100*number*amount# to transfer local credit.

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