How to Make Alfa Wallet account and get free Debit Card

The creation of an Alfa account is not difficult to work and anyone qualified and able to read English can create an Alfa account. With Alfa APP Promo Codes you can earn extra money for free.

Alfa is the payment system for Digital Online and Alfalah is its Real Bank name. For customers of mobile phone banking services, they provide a simple name "Alfa."

You are in the right place if you want to create an alfa account, as I tell you how to create an alfa account using the Alfa app or promo code.

How to Create an Alfa Wallet account

You can create an Alfa account by following some guidelines given below.

Download & Install the Alfa app from Google Play Store or App Store on your mobile phone.
After installing open this app.
Now click on the "register now" button.
You will need a mobile number that must be registered in your name and CNIC.
Choose the "New to Bank Alfalah" option.
A new window will open in which you must enter the Alfa app Promo code.
Enter the ALFA App promo code "Alfa" and press the Apply button.
You will get Rs 200 in your Current Alfa Account after using this Promo code.
Now you have to fill the forum 1.

  • First, enter your CNIC number.
  • Enter your date of CNIC issuance.
  • Enter your phone number, that is registered to your name.
  • Now click on the three boxes shown at the end.

You will now get an SMS on your phone.
Enter the 6-digit PIN code you received through SMS.
Create a password for your account that you will need to login into your account.
Enter the 4 Digit PIN code inboxes.

Alfa App Login Pin & Login Password

The Alfa app login pin is used for a short time, but you will have to use your password to login into your alfa account.

The pin has four digital characters but the password contains many characters.  Keep Keep in mind both your security passwords and pin.

  • Enter several security questions and details.
  • Enter your address, mother's name, city, and any other information required by the app.
  • Now upload your CNIC front and back photos.
  • You will get an SMS for confirmation that you have successfully created your Alfa account.

Benefits of Alfa Account

There are several advantages to alfa mobile accounts.

You will be able to send and receive money from others.
You have the opportunity to save your money.
Utility bills, gas bills, Wapda bills, and other payments can be paid through alfa app.
You can also EasyLoad on any network.
You can get money from people in other countries.
Payments for online shopping, Internet bills, and other services can be sent and received.


I hope you never have any problems making your alfa account. If you have any questions about creating an Alfa account, please leave these in the comments.

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