How to Unlock Ufone SIM PUK Code in Few Seconds

These four methods can easily unblock Ufone SIM numbers that have been blocked owing to the Ufone SIM PUK Code. We've explained each of these four methods in detail, with step-by-step instructions to Unblock your SIM.

The term PUK Code was first used by telecom networks in the early 20s. PUK Code (Personal Unblocking Key) and is turn on the SIM when the customer uses the wrong pin three times. Be a result, this code is considered as a protective barrier that was specifically intended to secure user personal information and numbers from unwanted and unknown users.

How to Unblock a Ufone SIM PUK Code? It's really simple, and we've explained four different ways that are 100 % accurate in unblocking your SIM number.

Ufone SIM PUK Code

It's common for a SIM to be blocked after three incorrect attempts at entering a PIN code or PUK code. There are now fixed pins on all SIM cards in Pakistani telecom networks. They block their own SIM card. Unblocking the Ufone SIM PUK code can be performed using the following four methods.

  • SIM jacket PIN method
  • USSD unlock method
  • Helpline unlock method
  • Customer care visit method

There are only four Ufone SIM PUK codes or PIN codes Unlocking Tricks that have been confirmed by official Ufone representatives.

SIM jacket PIN method

One method to unlock your SIM is to use a Back Side of your Ufone SIM Jacket. In most cases, when we purchase a new SIM card, it is accompanied by an orange-colored card. These cards include your SIM's official PIN/PUK Code.

There are little 8-digit written near the QR code on the back of the Sim card. Unblock your Ufone SIM by entering this code.

How to Unlock Ufone SIM PUK Code in Few Seconds?

USSD Unlock method

Officials at Ufone have introduced the *336# code, which allows customers to find their Ufone SIM's PUK/PIN Code. To generate your Ufone SIM PUK/PIN Code for free, simply follow these instructions one by one.

  • Open your phone dial pad and Dial *336# to check your Ufone SIM PUK/PIN code.
  • Dial *336# call through Ufone Sim only.
  • After dialing this code you will see a Prepaid Menu display on the Screen.
  • In this Menu, you will see 1:Account Details. Reply with 1.
  • Now you will see another menu display on the screen. Reply with 00 to get more options.
  • You will see 8:PIN/PUK code option. Reply with 8 to get the PUK code.
  • Now a pop-up screen will display with your Ufone Sim PIN code and PUK code.

Helpline Unlock method

If you're having difficulty unlocking your SIM card, you'll need to call the Ufone helpline number. This method can also be used by customers who don't want to interfere with the process of unblocking SIM cards manually. 

  • Dial Ufone helpline number 333 or call to customer care service center by dialing 03311333100.
  • Ask the agent to PUK code and unblock the Ufone SIM.
  • Your SIM card will be unlocked after personal authentication by an agent.

Visit customer care method

If none of the above three methods work, Ufone SIM customers can Visit the nearest Ufone Customer Care franchise. However, you can ask a service person to unlock the SIM PUK code for you.

After several days of study, we have collected the most effective methods on one page. It's easy to find out if your SIM is locked or unlocked by using the given method.

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