Lesco online bill 2021 - How to Check Duplicate LESCO Electricity Bill Online

Here is the method for electricity supplies Lahore Electric Supply Company LESCO Online Bill Check 2021. Lahore Electric Supply is also known as LESCO is a Pakistani electricity supplier providing electricity in the city of Lahore. It was founded under the WAPDA Act of 1958 in the year 1958.

There are so many cities that are taken into account under this electricity supply as well as for the purpose of the energy and water supply plant, and for the Lahore area and other areas. It offers its customers different consumer services, including duplicate billing and online bills. Thanks to the growth of technology, users can check the LESCO bill online by consumer ID or meter number. You can now check your bill online from home.

LESCO Online Bill Check 2021 By customer ID or Meter Number

Lahore Electric Supply Company LESCO offers its customers service LESCO Online Bill Check By Meter number, Reference Number, or Customer ID. The following method allows the customers who have not received their bills or lost their bills to check their bills online using the Internet. Under the following method, you can download LESCO duplicate bills online using reference number, meter number, or customer number.

LESCO Duplicate Bill Online Check 2021

Every meter number is different, and so you can see the bill with 16 digits, 15 digits, and one alphabet number. You will use the meter number or consumer ID that is also provided on your previous LESCO bill to check the LESCO Bill 2021 online. You can not just check the bill online, but you can also print this bill and submit it to any bank that is nationally approved. Follow the method below to check the LESCO bill online 2021.

How to Check Duplicate LESCO Electricity Bill Online

  • Open your web browser (e.g Chrome, Internet Browser)
  • Open the official website of LESCO or click on the link www.lesco.gov.pk
  • Here you will see the two methods (Reference number or Customer ID) to check the LESCO bill online.
  • Enter your bill reference number or customer ID (Mentioned on your previous LESCO bill)
  • Now Click on the View/Download Bill button to get your bill online.
  • Click on the Print button if you want to print your bill.

Lesco online bill 2021 - How to Check Duplicate LESCO Electricity Bill Online

How to pay the LESCO bill online?

  • Open the app that you want to pay your LESCO bill online.
  • Click on the online bill payment option.
  • Select the category or company to bill payment.
  • Enter your reference number or scan the reference number barcode if available.
  • Now you will see the details of your bill.
  • Click on Pay Now button.
  • A receipt will show on the screen after bill payment.

How to find the LESCO bill reference number?

The LESCO bill 14-digits reference number (00 000 000000000U) appears on the top left corner of your LESCO bill.


LESCO Bill Check Online 2021 - You can follow the same methods as explained above via reference number or customer ID. The Punjab government has introduced the online method for duplicate bill downloading in Pakistan in partnership with LESCO.  The method for downloading is described in detail. Then follow the steps to get your LESCO bill online. Share in the comments section if you have any questions.

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