Zong 4G Faisalabad Dhamaal Offer 2021

The Faisalabad Dhamaal Offer was launched by Pakistan's Zong 4G digital frontrunner to make high-speed mobile access more cheap and easy for the citizens of Faisalabad. The offer refers to a good deal of Zong's proactive approach to customer engagement, making it Pakistan's largest network.

With a recharge price of just 5GB of internet, 1,000 Zong minutes, and 30 other network minutes, the Zong Faisalabad Dhamaal offer will provide users full freedom during the whole week. You can subscribe Zong 4G Faisalabad Dhamaal Offer by dialing *9988# or use My Zong App to subscribe to this offer.

"We lead the industry to introduce products and services based on growing consumer requirements," Zong's official spokesperson said. "That has made us a true leader in digital transformation in our nation, via the affection of our subscribers and their trust in Zong 4G. We work aggressively towards the digitalization of Pakistanis throughout the country to create and support their digital lifestyles."

Zong just made special offers for Nowshera, Hazro, Attock, Kamra, and Bannu in addition to the outstanding Faisalabad Dhamaal offer. The company also has various foreign deals for the roaming industry, which help thousands of Pakistanis to remain connected to their loved ones when going overseas. In connection with the pandemic in progress, the offers were very effective.

Terms & Conditions

  • The 19.5 % sales tax (GST) applies to usage.
  • The 16% FED is applicable for usage.
  • Every recharge must be charged to the 10% advance income tax (AIT).

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