KDI School Scholarship in South Korea 2022 | Fully Funded
KDI School Scholarship 2022 in South Korea is an excellent chance for those who want to study for free in Korea. For students, both national and foreign. The KDI Scholarship is fully funded. International students are admitted annually to KDI School in more than 70 countries and a worldwide alumni network is formed in KDI School from 137 countries. With a worldwide network of leaders, KDI School graduates reach all corners of the globe and work with them to make the world a better place.

The KDI School draws on research and resources from the Korea Development Institute, the country's foremost economic think tank (KDI). KDI School was officially certified by NASPAA for all 3 master's programs, the first and only NASPAA accreditation in Korea and the second outside the United States based on the understand and experience of the KDI.

KDI School Scholarship Features

  • Country: South Korea
  • University: KDI School of Public Policy & Management
  • Degree Level: Master's Program, Ph.D. Program

Benefits of the KDI School Scholarship 2022

  • Mater program GAS Scholarship: intended students from countries listed on the ODA list as published by the OECD.
  • Tuition waiver for the majority of GAS students with a monthly stipend of 1,000,000 KRW
  • G20 Master's Scholarship from Seoul - Limited numbers of students are awarded.
  • 1200,000 KRW's monthly scholarship and waiver for tuition.
  • GAS Ph.D. Scholarship - The waiver of tuition and a monthly grant for the first academic year (students will only be reinstated every year based on a tuition waiver and a monthly stipend)

KDI School Scholarship in Korea Eligibility Criteria 2022

  • The KDI 2022 scholarship could be applied by a foreign citizen whose parents are both foreign citizens or an applicant who has completed at least sixteen (primary, secondary, high school, and university) years of education in a foreign country.
  • Master's applicants must have a bachelor at a university or a law-approved bachelor's degree (minimum 3 years). Applicants must also receive a bachelor's degree.
  • Ph.D. applicants The programs must be graduated with a bachelor's degree (minimum 3 years) and a master's degree or a bachelor's and master's equivalent.

Documents Required for KDI School Scholarship

  • Online Application Form
  • CV
  • Personal Statement
  • Research Proposal
  • Academic Certificates
  • Degree transcript
  • Certificate of English Proficiency Test

KDI School Scholarship in Korea Application Deadline

  • Deadline for the KDIS grant for digital applications: 6 September, 9 a.m. – 27 September, 6 p.m., 2021. (KST).
  • For KDI School Grant the closing date for submitting the required documents (by e-mail) is 30 November 2021.

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