MORA Scholarship for Minority Communities Students Application Form

Students from minority communities are encouraged to apply under policy and rates of the current financial year of 2021-22 for grants for different categories (from the primary to professional level) following very carefully observed requirements. Regular students of government institutions who achieved a minimum of 50 % mark in the last annual exam can apply at

MORA Scholarship for Minority Communities Students Application Form


Minority Students who have passed their yearly exams in the past year can apply. Poor, needy orphans and disabled minority kids are eligible for a proper education. In the case of school-level pupils and in the event of other students, the candidate parent's revenue may not exceed Rs. 35,000 per month. This application is supported by the last two fully certified annual marks and the original income certificates of the Parent/Guardian.

No other financial support, scholarship, stipends, etc will be eligible for students from any other source.

The Head of Educational Institution shall certify all student details of the students involved. The student's exact performance will be shown in the certified copy of the progress report of the last annual exam. Mark sheets are not approved created in printed form or in plain paper anew. The head of the institute or the employer shall confirm the accurate financial status of the parent/guardian of the student before signing the income certificate.

The head of the institution must check to check that the formats are completed in all respects and that the necessary certificates/documents are attached and that such students prepare a list. It shall only take into account applications received by the educational institutions involved.

Forms should include and copy CNIC number of applicants (Student Only) or NADRA B-form number for children less than 18 years. A copy of the CNIC Parent/Guardian is not required. Further detail is available on the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony of Pakistan's advertisement for Minorities Students Scholarships 2021-22.

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