NED Entry Test Result 2021 All Program Announced

A pre-engineering program was announced with the NED Entry Test Result 2021. The NET Entry Test of Pre-engineering was conducted from 06 September 2021 to 12 September 2021. Check NED University of Pre-engineering Entry Test Result.

Entry Test Result 2021 NED University Karachi As an official, the date of the results is indicated and the class session 2021-22 has 1952 places. NED is the oldest university to help prepare the country's degree engineers. The admission test for 2021 by the NED University of Karachi will be present as soon as possible.

NED University Entry Test Result 2021

NED University also names those that allow no preferences among students in the list of these universities. Officials of the universities also said that by examining the number of students who have applied for the admission test, several criteria have changed, such as passing markers being increased from 40 to 50%. The key responses to the test will also be uploaded on NED University's official website on the evening of 6 October 2021.

NED Entry Test Result 2021

NED Engineering and Technology Institution, which was established since its founding in 1922, is regarded to be Pakistan's finest university and offers a broad range of courses in Civil and Architecture Engineerings, Dean of Civil Engineering, and Architecture.

NED PAET Result 2021

Ministry of Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Architecture, and Planning Department, Urban Engineering Department and Infrastructure Department, Petroleum Engineering Department, Earthquake Engineering Department, Department of Engineering.

Department of Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing, the Dean Faculty of Mechanical and Processing Engineering, the Department of Mechanical Engineering, the Division of Textile Engineering, the Department of Industrial Engineering and Manufacturing, the Division of Automotive and Marine Engineering, the Department of Electric and Computer Engineering.

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