Sundar Stem School Scholarship for 9th Class Students 2021

For students from class 9 to A level, Sundar STEM School (SSS) provides completely funded scholarships. The scholarship covers all educational costs, such as tuition, hostel fees, meals, laundry, etc. From Year 9 to A-Levels CIE / GCE Sundar STEM School focuses on the subject of math and Science.

The exam could be applied to students with a high level of mathematics. Students from all around the country enrolled in class 8 can apply. The entry test is a mathematical test specially designed. Students who exhibit the greatest potential and hunger to excel, are admitted to the school purely based on their merits, as well as interviews with children and their parents.

An intensive preparation program in mathematics, Python, and English will begin the first school term of April 2022. The O-Levels formal Year 9 sessions start on 1 September 2022. Students who satisfy the standards set out by SSS are selected continuously.

Sundar STEM School (SSS) Undergraduate Admission 2021

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Sundar STEM School (SSS) Admission 2021 Last Date

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