Zong Free SMS Code | Get Free Zong SMS Without Balance

Every month, Zong gives out free SMS and MBs. Zong 4G has provided many codes for unlimited SMS for free with no balance this month. Do you want to be able to send SMS messages using your Zong SIM without having to worry about running out of balance? Zong SIM is the only way to get it now and it's 100% valid.

If your Zong number is not on the list of Zong's free gifts recipients, Zong has provided some codes to help you to get Zong free SMS. Benefits on Zong can be received very easily, as shown over the last two years. Because Zong provides free minutes SMS to raise the value of its company. Furthermore, the number of Mobile networks in use rises as a result of the free incentives provided.

Get Free Zong SMS Without Balance

The following are 10 Zong free SMS codes that will help you to get the Zong Free SMS. These all are the ways people have used. You can get an unlimited SMS or MBs by using a single working method that we've accumulated over the years. Below is the list of codes to get free Zong SMS.

  • Code *10# : If you have a new Zong Sim. Dial *10# to get Zong welcome bouns.

  • Code *44# : If you have an old Zong 3G Sim then convert it into Zong 4G and dial *44# to get free minutes, SMS, and MBs.

  • Code *34# : Dial *34# and get 500 SMS for free as a gift from Zong Network.

  • Code *568# : Dial *568# and get 10 SMS for 1 day. This code is only valid for Prepaid Users.

  • Code *638# : The code *638# is launched in 2020 to get free Zong resources. This code is working only for 40% of Zong Sim.

  • Code *537*2# & *56*8*23# : Dial *537*2# & *56*8*23# to get free resources for 7 days on your Zong Sim.

  • Code *2244# : If you have a Zong Sim that is not used for 30 days. Dial *2244# to get free resources on Zong sim.

  • Installation of My Zong App: Just download and register to My Zong App to get free minutes, SMS, and MBs.

  • Send SMS on 4111: Send RM8585 to 4111. After verification, you will get free SMS.

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