PMC MDCAT Result 2021 Check MDCAT Final Result

It is expected that the final PMC MDCAT result 2021 will be published today, on the 9th of October, in 2021. In light of the impending announcement of the full MDCAT results, the PMC has officially closed the MDCAT interim result. PMC MDCAT result 2021 may be found by searching for the student's name or roll number. In accordance with the MDCAT TEPS PMC outcome 2021, the following is the notice from PMC.

Although the Council directed that the MDCAT Authority contract with Quaid-e-Azam University undertakes the post-test analysis, the Council also directed that the analysis be completed within a week and that the final MDCAT results be released by the 9th of October, 2021. The President of the PMC and the Vice-Chancellor of Quaid-e-Azam University will collaborate to evaluate and approve the post-exam analysis report before the final results are collected and released.

How to Check MDCAT Result?

You may check the PMC MDCAT Result 2021 by clicking on the link provided below. This page will be forwarded from the PMC's current page. To complete the registration process, you must submit your roll number or CNIC number, which you provided when you enrolled. This method will allow you to acquire MDCAT result 2021 by roll number in a timely way.

PMC MDCAT Result 2021 Check MDCAT Final Result

A candidate's MDCAT 2021 interim result was announced at TEPS after 30 minutes of testing at the facility. You may check your NMDCAT result 2021 on your own if you want to. To access the TEPS MDCAT login page, go to the following address: Because the final result will be announced shortly, the Interim Result feature has been removed from PMC's website. If you want to know the outcome of the TEPS test in 2021, you may do so by visiting the PMC official website and entering your information on the following webpage.

Check MDCAT Final Result

MDCAT Interim Result

As previously stated, the PMC has unambiguously verified that the MDCAT test 2021 results will be held on the planned dates and times. Neither it nor any subsequent events will be canceled or postponed.

According to the Council, following extensive deliberation on the matter, the MDCAT exam for 2021 is being conducted strictly in accordance with the syllabus and structure prepared by the National Medical & Dental Academic Board, the exam system is functioning properly, and the preliminary exam results are correct, subject to post-examination analysis and the publication of final results following that. Because of this, the MDCAT test for 2021 will proceed as planned. Each student's results will be subjected to a post-exam analysis, and any changes that are necessary after rechecking will be implemented.


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