PMC will Give Marks For Ambiguous and Out-Of-Course Questions in MDCA

Dr. Faisal stated in a video message that the PMC, in collaboration with QUA, will conduct a clear post-exam assessment on a science-based to investigate the case into the MDCAT to address the fears of all applicants.

The SAPM on Health has recommended that Dr. Arshad Taqi, President of the PMC, invite QAU to perform a scientific study of MDCAT to compensate students for trying off-syllabus and confusing questions.

Dr. Arshad already has instructed PMC to begin the assessment and collect its results in a report as soon as possible. Dr. Arshad Taqi, President PMC, and Dr. Mohammad Ali, Vice-Chancellor (VC) QAU, will jointly evaluate the analysis before its announcement on 9 October.


From 30 August to 30 September, SOAR Testing and Evaluation Platform Limited administered the MDCAT exam via computer. The exam was conducted following PMC's CER 2021.

Around 200,000 applicants took the MDCAT test this year, which was held over a month. Following the end of the month-long MDCAT examination, students throughout the country began to protest against PMC.

The students said that the MDCAT test featured questions that were not on the course and were unclear. Additionally, they alleged that the testing corporation in charge of administering the computer-based MDCAT exam delivered defective equipment with inadequate internet connectivity for the exam.

They claimed that holding the MDCAT test on many days provided an unfair advantage to certain students who had more time to study than others and that some applicants received simple question papers while others received difficult ones owing to the exam's various editions.

Protesting students stated that if India can perform the MDCAT exam for more than 1.8 million students in one day, why can't PMC conduct the MDCAT exam for about 200,000 students on the same day?

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