Punjab boards not to declare position holders in 2021

Since Covid-19, BISE Punjab boards have all agreed to withhold the names of examination position holders and results announcing ceremony until after Covid-19 is over.

Private schools reportedly use notifications of position holders to attract students. The Punjab inter-board council, sources say, has resolved not to release position holders' names to stop this dominance.

The council of board chairmen decided to include grades and marks on the result cards, and they recommended all boards hold off on announcing the top three positions.

No board will host events to announce the top positions in compliance with directives from the Punjab Higher Education Department.

Punjab's BISEs had already made the decision to approve all applicants on orders from the federal government. Before the decision was made not to announce the names of the highest marks, the answer sheets were being checked and the results of inter and matric students were being compiled, including the ranking.

As the higher education administration prepares to create a grading system for intermediate and matriculation students, the practice of publicizing the names of top applicants could be eliminated in the coming years.

In line with BISE Lahore's guidelines, no position holders will be declared or results celebrated this year, according to BISE Lahore spokesman Qaiser Virk.

A senior department official claims that a private sector mafia lured thousands of kids to their schools by exploiting the names of people in high-ranking positions. He claimed that even though the Punjab government had offered millions of rupees in prize money to position holders, they opted to attend private institutions instead.

According to the person, the administration appears to have opted to use the funds to improve public schools.

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